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100% Refundable courses fees indian students Only 2023-2024*

Note:- All the students who do the course here their fees are refunded by the institute within 1 year.

Your intership can be done from the institution in any detective registered organization in India.

The task done by the institute has to be completed with full attention on time.

Time to time exam paper will be sent to the student, which will have to be sent to the institution after solving the time and paper.

After the completion of the course the students will get full help from our institution for internship. Better internship is very helpful for the students to do the job in future. The experience gained from the internship motivates the students to take up the job in the future. Nowadays just having a degree is not enough to do any job along with the degree it is very important to have practical knowledge as well. Because nowadays whenever you go for an interview in a company the company definitely sees here whether you have any practical knowledge along with degree. Usually internship is of 3 to  6 months in which you get to learn a lot. Our institution provides paid internship to the students in this students are given money to do internship. If the student completes his internship in a better way then the institution will refund his full fee. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while doing an internship. While doing internship you have to use professional dress code only. You have to use professional language in the office or while talking to your co-workers. You must be punctual. Must go to office hours. All your things should be in proper in the office. Your mobile should be in silent mode. Especially when you are in a meeting. If you complete your in the company keeping all these things in mind then we sincerely hope that you can complete your internship in a better way and get a good job in future. 

The student can also do internship in our company or can also do internship in any other company suggested by us. After the completion of the internship you can work as a detective in the same company or in another company. By doing internship the students gets up to 90%of the job experience as well as practical knowledge. Internship is a golden opportunity to earn money along with studies and learn new things. Internship develops the communication skills of the student and boosts the confidence of the student to take up the job in the future. One of the major advantages of doing an internship is what kind of environment the student will have while doing the job get to know about the job environment. If you have done any kind of internship or have any practical knowledge, then definitely mention it in your CV .because this will greatly increase your chances of getting the job.