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Online Learning

We are provide online course .The students can do this course while at his home and at his job


We provide paid internship to our students after the completion of the course

On Field Training

We get our students field training within the investigation company or investigator

Detective Training Institute Private Investigator Training

National Institute of Private Investigation is a Detective organization that provides training to Private Detectives all over India, which provides online training and field training. NIPI was established in 1999. You can work in any detective organization by taking detective training and can also open your own firm, you can also work freelance.To join the institute, you can apply online, you can also deposit the fees online and you can also talk to the office.

Hello students  we know that nowadays everyone has a goal in life. Some want to become a doctor Some engineer Some lawyer and some want to become an inspector. Nowadays everyone has a desire to do something different in their life. And in today's era there is a lot of competition for any course or study. So now we'll tell you how you can make a different career as a private investigator without  any competition and be successful. Private detectives are the trained professionals hired for investigate different cases they had good analytical skills and interest in crime investigation 
You can do this course after graduation in any discipline and after that you can work as a private agent in any investigation company or you can open your own investigation company. 
As a private detective training, you’re primarily concerned with the use of force as a means of self-defense. You have to intelligence above the force while working as a spy. Call +91 9870271272 

Why Choose Us

The Best  DetectiveTraining Institute in India Online Private Investigator and Detectives Training Course by NIPI

Our Institute national Institute of private investigation was started in the year 1999 and since then till date thousands of students have studied from the Institute and those who have studied from the Institute. Even today all are successful in their career and all those students are at a good stage today. After studying in the institution many students made their career successful by opening their own investigation company and many students by opening their own investigation Institute. There are thousands of investigation Institutes around the world, but one of the main reason for choosing our Institute and studying in it is that the diploma degree obtained from here is recognized and influential all over the country. Every year thousands of students come here to study and Every year thousands of students are successful in their career. The Institute itself is a trademark and is recognized nationally. Study materials is provided by the Institute to the students at no extra cost due to which the students do not need to buy expensive books or other learning materials. All qualified and experienced professional teachers are appointed in the Institute to make the students study. One of the main reason for choosing this Institute for study is the modern education system of the Institute and providing employment to more and more students. Paid internship and internship support provided by the Institute to the students after the completion of the course is also one of the major reasons for choosing this Institute. The students benefit greatly from the online education system provided by the Institute. This gives a lot of ease and convenience to the students in their studies . With this, the student can study from his home or if the student is doing any kind of job at present, then from there also. This is also one of the reasons for choosing this Institute. This Institute is 23 years old and for 23 years thousands of students successful from here every year. This is also one of the reasons for choosing this Institute. 


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